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Truly great cigars symbol of intelligence

01 Our Cigars

We are one of the world’s leading cigar specialists. Whether you are a novice to cigars or a cigar aficionado, we offer a complete range of Cuban cigars as well as other famous cigar brands from around the world. We aim to provide everything the cigar aficionado will ever need, which gives you the opportunity to experiment with new brands, flavours and aromas. We have a committed team of experts who are trained to be helpful and knowledgeable in all cigar matters. We look forward to see you as our new customer.

The Cigar Club 02

Our world famous Cigar Club. Ask any of our members and they will tell you, the best day of each month is the day they receive their Cigar box.

We Work Years

Members are treated to a curated selection of rare, aged, limited edition or new and noteworthy cigars each month. Each box comes with a review of the cigars, pairing notes and tasting notes, all perfectly humidified in a certified pouch, ready to smoke.

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03 Our cigar Specials

Here at I am Cigar, we appreciate our loyal customers. This is why we’re committed to offering you the best online deals on your favorite smokes! We consistently refresh our discounts and bargain packages so you can continuously experience new flavors and fun accessories without having to empty your pockets.

04 Our Clients Say

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    Let us assist you with any questions you have about products and orders.

    Our I am Cigar Advisors can provide expert guidance and can customize a solution that meets any need you have, large or small.

    Economische Zone Hato D.I.31
    Willemstad, Curacao

    +1 347 352 3592


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